The benefits and responsibilities of Membership of the CLT are explained in the Policy document hereIf you would like more information, then please contact the Secretary at the address below or use the Contact Us page.


Anne Treverton,
Ruan Highlanes,

If you would like to become a member of the CLT and attend and vote at our Annual General Meetings, then please apply for membership using the form below.

You can also download the form (opposite) and send it, together with your membership fee of £1, to the CLT Secretary.  (Address details above.)


Applicant details:



I confirm that I will promote the Objects of The Roseland CLT Limited within the Parishes of St Just in Roseland, Gerrans, Philleigh, Ruan Lanihorne and Veryan as follows:-
  • The provision of houses and any associated amenities for persons in necessitous circumstances upon terms appropriate to their means.
  • The maintenance, improvement or provision of public amenities.
  • The advancement of education and/or vocational training amongst the residents of the area of benefit and the creation of training and employment opportunities by the provision of workspace, buildings and/or land for use on favourable terms.
I also promise that if the Charity is dissolved while I remain a member, or within 12 months afterwards, I will pay up to £1 towards the costs of dissolution and the liabilities incurred by the Charity while I was a member. I enclose the £1 membership fee (refundable if membership is not granted).
  I understand that this data will only be used by the officers of the Charity for the purpose of communicating with me and that none of it will be transferred to a commercial third party.  I understand that I have the right to opt out and request removal of my contact details at any time.

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​The CLT currently has limited funds. We need to be able to cover the costs of preliminary investigation of potential sites/buildings for conversion. (The actual developments will require substantial sums from grants and investments.)

If you would like to make a donation to help support the provision of affordable housing on the Roseland (for those with strong Roseland connections), please download the form opposite and, again, send it to the CLT Secretary (details on the form).